Nellie and Gaylord

Nellie, the youngest child of Ed and Mary, married Gaylord Bahl on Christmas Day, 1901.  They had three boys, Gaylord Jr., Jacob, and Charles.  These photos are almost certainly of Nellie, Gaylord and their children.  It is reasonably certain that the people identified as Mary, and Harry, Nellie's brother, are correct.

Gaylord Jr., and Gaylord Sr.

Gaylord Jr., Nellie and Jacob

Gaylord Jr.

Gaylord Sr., and Gaylord Jr.

grandmother Mary and Gaylord Jr.

Gaylord Jr. and grandmother Mary

Nellie and Gaylord Jr.

Gaylord Jr.

Gaylord Jr.

Jacob, Gaylord Jr. and uncle Harry