Edward W. Wilkinson's uncle, John Riley Robinson, owned a silver mine in Batopilas, Mexico from 1861 to 1880, and a mine in Santa Eulalia, Mexico, from 1880 to 1890.  Edward took his family, which consisted of his wife, Mary, Daughter Mae and son Harry, to

Edward's oldest brother Samuel M. was superintendent of the mines for most of the time period .  He wrote extensively about 

I am assuming these photos were all taken at the same time, the first three obviously were.  From descriptions of the Batopilas mine,Then the chief bought the south end of a fat cow - dead of course, and the hair all off - and he cut the meat into strips as long as Harry Wilkinson's legs, but fatter, and hung them in the sun to dry.  .  .  Samuel wrote the following about his uncle John Robinson:  .  .  .  although his custom was to ride astraddle of a seventy-five-dollar mule, on a saddle with stirrups longer than the Mosaic dispensation, and one stirrup an inch longer than the other.  .  .  This sounds as though he was looking at the photo when he wrote that.

Samuel M. Wilkinson on right

Samuel M. Wilkinson on left


John  Riley Robinson