Our Family

This website is dedicated to providing the reader with some information about the family that resulted from the union of John Phillip Torski and Mary Ann Marshall, and the ancestors that preceded that union.  A brief synopsis of the family history:  On the Torski side the children are the first generation born in the United States, both parents of John Phillip were born in Eastern Europe and came to America in the early 1900's.  John and his sisters were born in Canada, the family coming to Ohio in 1931.  On the Marshall side the family has ancestors that were in Maryland as early as 1658.  The families of both of Mary Ann's parents have been in Ohio for many generations, the Marshall's since 1809, having come from Ireland about 1780, the Wilkinson's since 1817, coming from England about the same time.

Anyone wishing to contact me may do so by sending an email to: dbtorski@hotmail.com.  I have accumulated much more information than is presented here, and I have undoubtly made some mistakes.  If you have information about our family and would like to have it included here, wish to correct any mistakes I have made, are looking for more information, or have some memories of the subjects of the biography section, please contact me.

I would like to thank Pam and Ethel, my distant cousins, who have done a great job of documenting the Wilkinson branch of our family tree.  Most of the information about the early Wilkinson family presented here is from the genealogy done by Ethel.  Pam has an excellent website, pamsgenealogy.net, which I encourage anyone interested in other branches of our tree to visit.  Pam and Ethel are descendents of John Riley Robinson, and have graciously allowed me to include his diaries on this website.